Letter of Demand

Letter Of Demand Stonegate Legal can help you by drafting a professional and effective letter of demand for money owed to you. This letter is an important step in attempting to resolve your debt recovery matter without investing the time and expense into commercial litigation or alternative dispute resolution. Download Letter Of Demand Template OR […]

Setting Aside Statutory Demand – Complete Guide

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If you are setting aside a statutory demand, you must use one of the following: A genuine dispute between the company and the respondent about the existence or amount of a debt to which the demand relates. The debtor company an offsetting claim. There is a defect in the demand, and substantial injustice will be caused […]

Recovery of Unpaid Legal Fees – Complete Guide for Lawyers

Recovery of unpaid legal fees in Queensland - Debt recovery lawyers

Recovery of unpaid legal fees in Queensland Are you a solicitor or an Australia Legal Practitioner in Queensland who is owed money from clients and looking at the recovery unpaid legal fees? To be entitled to the recovery of unpaid legal fees (without a costs assessment having been undertaken), the following steps should have been […]

Why Use a Debt Recovery Law Firm?

Debt Recovery Law Firm in Australia - Stonegate Legal commercial litigation lawyers

Are you a creditor who is looking for an effective to get your debts collected from clients, but doesn’t know if you should use a debt recovery law firm? If so, it may be time for you to try debt recovery from a debt recovery law firm to see how they differ over in-house debt […]

Debt Collection Lawyer or Debt Collection Agency?

Debt Collection Lawyer or Debt Collection Agency - Which One to Choose

Are you a creditor that is struggling with the debts you are owed and are looking for third-party assistance, but don’t know if you want to use a debt collection lawyer or debt collection agency? If so, you may be concerned about this decision and about your struggles with your debts in general, which can […]

Debt Recovery Sunshine Coast

Debt Recovery Lawyers Noosa

Debt Recovery Sunshine Coast Stonegate Legal’s Sunshine Coast-based team specialising in debt recovery can effectively and affordably retrieve all of your delinquent business debts. Book A Consultation Speak To Our Trusted Lawyers Today Sunshine Coast Debt Recovery Specialists Debt Collection & Recovery Sunshine Coast Our Debt Recovery Process Stonegate Legal has a dedicated team of […]

Resolving Tax Debts – ATO Tax Disputes

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Tax debts are essentially debts owed by a business to the Australian Taxation Office (“the ATO”). These can include tax & superannuation liabilities and debts, ATO interest & penalty charges, credits and refunds of indirect taxes, foreign tax credits, and/or franking credits and debits. It may be that there is a mistake, or something is […]

Legal Debt Recovery Options for Businesses

Legal Debt Recovery Options for Businesses in Queensland Australia

Legal debt recovery is the process of using the Court process to legally recover debts from delinquent bad business clients. If you have spent any time in business, you will know that bad debts / delinquent payers are common. It is just a part of doing business in Australia. However, bad debts can have a […]

Debt Recovery Services in Queensland

Debt Recovery Services in Queensland - debt lawyers in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Debt recovery services in Queensland can vary depending on a number of different factors. Debt recovery services can range from informal services, all the way through to formal Court or insolvency proceedings. Initially, before a creditor starts looking for debt recovery services from a debt recovery lawyer, they must first know the following information: Find […]

Litigation Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Litigation Lawyers Sunshine Coast Stonegate Legal Noosaville

Do you need litigation lawyers on the Sunshine Coast who are experts in litigation and dispute resolution? Litigation lawyers on the Sunshine Coast provide advice and assistance with all Sunshine Coast litigation and dispute resolution matters. These disputes can include the following: Administrative review & judicial review Building disputes and debt recovery Business & commercial […]

30 Tips to Reduce Bad Business Debts

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Bad business debts and lack of sufficient cash flow can cripple a business. As a business owner you should always be thinking about reducing bad business debts and getting those delinquent invoices paid. This is even more vital in times of financial uncertainty such as before a recession or downturn. This article will provide you […]

Body Corporate Debt Recovery Lawyer

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Body Corporate Debt Recovery Lawyer Stonegate Legal offers body corporate debt recovery lawyers to assist in the collection of unpaid levies and contributions in Queensland. Our experienced body corporate lawyers can provide guidance on the legal processes involved in debt recovery and represent your body corporate in negotiations or litigation. Book A Consultation Speak To […]

Debt Collection Lawyers – 10 Tips and Tricks

Debt Recovery Lawyers in Queensland dollars Australia

Debt collection lawyers are legal professionals who focus on legally recovering debts and enforcement of money orders. Most businesses encounter bad debts or bad paying clients at some stage. Recovery of these debts can be frustrating if you do not understand how the civil litigation system works in Queensland and you do not use debt […]

Legal Proceedings for Debt Recovery

legal proceedings for debt recovery in Queensland - Stonegate Legal

Legal proceedings for debt recovery include: Trying to resolve the debt dispute without litigation; Starting legal proceedings for debt recovery; Obtaining a judgment or enforceable money order; and Enforcing that judgment over the property of the debtor. However, debt recovery action in Court or QCAT should be a last resort.  Legal proceedings for debt recovery […]

Building and Construction Debt Recovery

Building and Construction Debt Recovery in Queensland - litigation and construction lawyers

Building and construction debt recovery solicitors are lawyers who recover debts in the building and construction industry. There are a number of ways building and construction debt recovery solicitors can recover building and construction debts through the Courts or the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld) (“BIFA”): Making a BIFA payment claim; […]