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Stonegate Legal can help you by drafting a professional and effective letter of demand for money owed to you. This letter is an important step in attempting to resolve your debt recovery matter without investing the time and expense into commercial litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

Effective Debt Recovery Starts with a Letter of Demand

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What is a Letter of Demand?

When trying to recover a debt, sending a demand letter is a crucial first step before resorting to legal action. This letter includes details such as the amount owed, the reason for it, and the deadline for payment.

It may also contain a warning of potential legal consequences if the debt remains unpaid. The letter’s title, “Letter of Demand,” emphasises the seriousness of the situation and serves as a warning for payment recovery.

In Queensland Courts, it is advisable to send an open demand letter and a without prejudice letter of offer before initiating legal action. Our service can assist in drafting and sending these letters for a fixed fee, sending a strong message to the debtor that the creditor is committed to recovering the debt and will not write it off.

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Our debt recovery lawyers have extensive experience in the field of debt recovery and understand the legal system. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on the most effective methods to recover your debt.

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We understand that our clients may be dealing with difficult and stressful situations. Our lawyers will always provide respectful and professional service to ensure that your case is handled quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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Every debt recovery case is unique and requires an individual approach. Our lawyers will tailor a solution specific to your needs to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

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What To Include In Your Letter of Demand

When writing a letter to a debtor, it is crucial to ensure that no details are left out, as the debtor should not be able to claim that the letter is inaccurate or that there is a legitimate disagreement regarding its contents.

Additionally, it is essential to accurately identify the debtor in the letter, addressing it to the precise entity with whom you contracted or the entity that is truly responsible for the debt.

To receive additional monetary benefits such as default interest or legal costs, it is important to make sure that your contract or terms and conditions allow for these claims. It is essential to review your contractual terms to determine if there are any provisions that allow for these claims.

In the request, it is necessary to include a brief statement regarding the lawful recourse available in case the debtor fails to make the payment.

The legal measures that can be taken may vary based on the amount owed and the party involved. It is crucial to avoid making any false claims or indicating any legal action that cannot be pursued under the law.

A commercial document is what a demand represents. It is important to maintain a professional tone in a demand letter, even if the unpaid debts may feel like a personal matter, especially when you have had a positive relationship with the debtor in the past.

The letter should not be intimidating or threatening in any way and should only contain factual information related to the business at hand.

It is important to make sure that the demand is dated on the same day it is sent and to remember to sign it. No information should be left out when fulfilling these requirements.

If necessary, all pertinent documents such as invoices, initial and follow-up notices for overdue payments, and any relevant correspondence via email, fax, or mail, as well as any agreements or guarantees from directors should be included.


Letter Of Demand Template

Take the first step towards debt recovery by downloading our free letter of demand template today. With Stonegate Legal's expertise at your fingertips, you can feel confident in your ability to recover what you're owed.

Require A Letter of Demand?

We can draft and send your letter of demand fora fixed fee.  Alternatively, If you do not want to engage a lawyer yet, then download our letter of demand template and checklist.

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Maximise Your Chances with a Drafted Letter of Demand from Stonegate Legal

If you want to send a letter regarding debt recovery, it’s better to get a fixed fee letter from a lawyer on their law firm letterhead instead of drafting it yourself or using a debt collector’s letter.

Our lawyers can draft a letter with a thorough understanding of the law and make legally enforceable claims. It’s important to engage a solicitor who specialises in debt recovery matters to ensure the best chance of success in court and to secure your costs. Spending a little now on a lawyer’s fee could make a big difference in getting paid and avoiding debt write-off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A letter of demand is a demand for payment from a debtor or defendant. It is usually the first step in a legal dispute case. A letter of demand will outline the breaches of the law, foreshadow the legal action and consequences of not paying.

A letter of demand should include the basis of the contract / agreement, the factual background, the breaches of the agreement or the law, foreshadow the proposed legal action that you intend of taking, and the consequences of their actions. You should also include a time for compliance.

It depends on the relationship between the parties. You can send by email, mail, express post, or you can engage a process server or field agent to hand deliver the letter.

Strictly speaking, yes. A letter of demand is simply a letter demanding that you do something. However, there will likely be serious consequences if you do not attempt to resolve the dispute. It is vital that you speak to a lawyer immediately upon receiving the letter.

Yes. We even have a free letter of demand template on our website for you to draft and send your own letter of demand. However, a letter of demand from a lawyer will likely have more impact and may yield better results.

If the letter of demand relates to a debt, then it should be sent as soon as the default happens, or the negotiations break down. The sooner you send the letter of demand the more likely you will be to recover the debt. The longer a debt is outstanding, the less likely it is to recover.

The purpose of sending a letter of demand is to put the debtor / defendant on notice that they are in breach, they are required to do something to remedy that breach, and that you intend to take legal steps to enforce your rights if they do not remedy the breach.

Download A Demand Letter Template Now

Click the link below for a sample demand letter for money owed.  This demand template is just a free guide and should not be used in place of legal advice.  The sample letter format below is for informational purposes only and may not be relevant in your particular circumstances.  To be sure, let our lawyers draft it for you for a very reasonable fixed legal fee.

Letter Of Demand Template

If you do not want to engage a lawyer yet, then download our letter of demand template and checklist today!

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