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Free Case Evaluation

If you need to commence legal debt recovery through the Court or QCAT to recover money owed to you or need to resolve a commercial dispute, then please choose Legal Debt Recovery case evaluation option.

No Obligation Case Evaluation

If your debtor is a company that is unable to pay its debts when they become due and payable, and the debt owed is over $2,000.00 then you can issue a creditor’s statutory demand.  Please choose the statutory demand case evaluation option.

If you have been served with a creditor’s statutory demand and you have one or more of the following grounds then choose the setting aside a statutory demand case evaluation option:

  1. Genuine dispute about the amount or existence of the debt; and/or
  2. A genuine offsetting claim; and/or
  3. A defect in the demand causing substantial injustice; and/or
  4. Some other reason (defect in the affidavit or abuse of process).

If you have managed to obtain a judgment, money order, adjudication QCAT decision and the debtor still refuses to pay, you will need to choose the enforcing a money order case evaluation option.

We can assist you with enforcement warrants, bankruptcy notice, and/or a statutory demand.

If you need to wind up a debtor company in insolvency, for non-compliance with a creditor’s statutory demand for example, then you will need to choose the winding up a company case evaluation option.

If you have a judgment and you want to serve the judgment debtor with an insolvency notice, or you have non-compliance with a bankruptcy notice and you want to start the bankruptcy process by application to the Federal Circuit Court, then you need to check the bankruptcy option.

If you have been served with a letter from a liquidator threatening:

  1. 588FA – Unfair preferences;
  2. 588FB – Uncommercial transactions;
  3. 588FC – Insolvent transactions;
  4. 588FD – Unfair loans to a company; and
  5. 588FDA – Unreasonable director-related transactions.

You will need to check the voidable transactions case evaluation option.

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